We believe that so much of your birth and postpartum is determined by the kind of prep that you do during your pregnancy. 

The way you nourish, move and align your body in preparation will directly impact your birth and postpartum experiences. There is also a lot of mental preparation that goes into helping you thrive through the next season of motherhood.

We have worked to put together resources and services that help you position yourself in the best way possible before you enter your labor and postpartum period. We want to set you up for success. 


What we offer

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One Strong Mama has helped thousands of pregnant people eliminate the aches and pains of pregnancy, optimize key muscles for labor, and support their bodies through the challenging transition into postpartum recovery.

The OSM program provides
✅ Weekly exercise videos that relieve pregnancy-related discomfort
✅ Ability to toggle between 3 difficulty levels for each workout
✅ Core preparation to keep your core functional to minimize or even prevent splitting and gapping.
✅ Solutions for back aches, pelvic pain, hip pain and more!
✅ Workouts to develop the muscles you’ll need for contractions and pushing
✅ A complete progressive recovery and training from early postpartum (like the day after birth) to 6 months and so much more!


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You deserve to rock your pregnancy, birth and recovery with this all-in-one, cutting-edge online program!


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