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Updated: Jun 15

Our story officially starts in December of 2018 when Gerda (the grandmother) and Jana (the young mother) of Liam Josiah, commit themselves to make support a reality for as many mothers as possible - whoever they are and wherever they find themselves.

Before that first post on Facebook, there were years of dreaming, proper training and gaining experience on Gerda’s side. For Jana it was an “in-house training”, growing up, being part of and exposed to these ideas that birth is a beautiful and natural part of life and all women deserve the opportunity to experience it as such. The birth and postpartum of her baby boy (read the full story here) laid the foundation for the services “soon to be” Tulani Mamas and Tulani babies will be enjoying. We firmly believe in the power of knowledge and proceeded to shape our social media presence for education and empowerment. On the ground we immediately started serving mothers in our surrounding neighbourhoods.

2020 started off with Jana doing her postpartum care provider training and the organising of a beautiful gathering of birth workers ( in cooperation with Midwife Cafe) where the incredible Dr Daphne Lyell was the guest speaker. And then came Covid 19. Together with everybody else, we had to adapt to using virtual spaces for our support services and Gerda even doula-ed a baby into the world on a whatsapp call. Babies were still being born and the growing interest in home births was something we encouraged and celebrated.

We sailed into 2021 with our own little pandemic baby - Ava Joy - (read her birth story here) and she became the first in a row of “second timers” in the months to follow. What a joy it was to be their companion for another beautiful experience and see the growth and strength that motherhood has brought to each of them.

Our little tribe was growing steadily and we started to explore the concept of creating small Tulani Mama circles who will be encouraging each other while they have continual access to the services and products Tulani is now offering AS WELL AS contributing to our growing service in communities where funding and resources are a huge challenge. Tulani has always been about communities of women and we are excited to invest more time and more resources into establishing that.

Over the years we’ve been watching this service find its shape and direction and we are happy to share our values here.

Here’s some stats we’ve gathered for our 3rd anniversary - it is encouraging and inspirational and makes us excited for the future!

  • Since our official launch in December 2018, we published over 300 posts on Facebook and Instagram, grown our following to 888 across social media platforms and participated in online as well as in-person events with 7 partners.

  • We were part of exciting giveaways and joint projects with incredible small businesses and like-minded influencers.

  • During the pandemic we expanded our services to include more digital packages.

  • We have served 32 mamas through pregnancy, birth and postpartum (in various combinations) of which 5 returned to us for their second baby!

  • We are now in the process of establishing a concrete support network which will include more than just our personal clients. You will hear all about this in the new year, so keep an eye on this space!

We are constantly learning and constantly improving our services by adding new products and tools for support and by deepening our skills. We are more convinced than ever that all mothers deserve to have support during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period and we will continue to be a voice for body autonomy, positive birth experiences and gentle parenting.

A big thank you from us to Rise Women, Lulu&co, Jacky Bloemraad de Boer (Midwife Café), Ruth Ehrhardt (Circle of Elephants and Truemidwifery.com), Backyard Café, Ubuntu Baba, Beyond your dreams, Maggie, BodyReadyMethod, Victoria, Cassandra, Olivia, Rise Chiropractic, Fusion-Hub, Pure-touch, Life and Movement, Integer Network SA, Hopetown for being part of our journey.

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