A four-letter word that everybody has an opinion on and mostly strong emotions about. This might have it's origin in our over-achieving society. Hard work and the ability to endure and push through have been seen as a sign of success and were praised as a character quality to aspire for. I'm not saying we shouldn't work or that sometimes we don't have a choice but to push through (especially in a family with young children).

What I think we need to hear more though, is that we don't have to see rest as a luxury - that thing you do once a year during your two week holiday break.

Rest can become a non-negotiable part of your daily rhythm.

And yes, rest doesn't mean to take a nap or to go to bed early or to sleep in every day either.

Rest is an intention and will take on a different form for each individual and in each season of life. Rest is "a letting go" of the impossibly high expectations we all allow into our lives - from the outside and from the inside. Rest is "a falling into" a space of trusting - all will be well and tomorrow is another day, some things do take care of themselves, sometimes doing nothing is the better option...

The reality is, it doesn't count as rest if you're laying in bed, worrying or stressing about some unfinished or unresolved issue in your life.

Rest is possible in the midst of unfinished and unresolved, because rest is an intention.

A choice - to put down your phone and play with your toddler, to close your eyes while breastfeeding, to make that to do list and then breathe a sigh of relief, to stop and watch the sun set before cleaning the kitchen, to get up early for some peace and quiet before everybody else does, to change the pace over weekends... And on and on it goes.

Make rest part of your daily rhythm.

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