"Creating a safe space to support mothers and their babies."

Ocean View, a community of about 30 000 people, on the side of the main road between Fish Hoek and Kommetjie, came about in 1968 when coloured people living in Simons Town, Noordhoek, Fish hoek and surrounding areas were forcibly removed from their ancestral homes. They were uprooted, cut off from access to basic facilities and job opportunities and left in this barren, windy corner of the Fish hoek mountain range with promises that turned out to be as empty as it sounded. Today – just more than 50 years later – the harsh reality of unemployment, the burden of ongoing poverty and the ensuing drug and alcohol abuse are ravaging the community. Gangsterism and violence became a way of life for many.


Into this setting, many young girls become pregnant and bring their babies into overcrowded households where three generations with siblings and their children often survive on a single income. In many cases the young fathers still live with their parents and the children are raised as part of the mother’s family.

It so happened that we bought a house in Ocean View – even before Tulani Postpartum care services came about. Since we now live here, our hearts started to respond to what our eyes were seeing and the plight of the mothers became very real.

We woke up to a dream, a vision that is growing in our hearts…

We dream of a place in Ocean View where young mothers can gather to receive the support they need:


  • a place where they will feel safe and welcome,

  • a place to ask questions, to receive practical guidance and affirmation,

  • a place of empowerment from where they can step out and support a friend, a sister and a neighbour.



We believe that young mothers who have been empowered like this, will impact their community by passing on the knowledge and the support every mother deserves.

We believe it can become a safe space where professionals like lactation consultants, dieticians, counsellors and fitness instructors can share their expertise. We believe it will create a community within a community where beautiful relationships built on respect and shared experiences of kindness will strengthen every mother to raise her children in the same way. We believe that mothers will reach out to each other and set the tone for a new way of living in this windy, barren corner of the Fish hoek mountain range.

We also believe that all the mothers who have been encouraged and supported through the work of Tulani postpartum care services will become part of the team who makes this dream a reality. We believe it because that’s what women do. We believe that this can change the face of any community and that its impact will be far reaching.

We cannot do this alone, but we are trusting God to show us the way and to bring the right people on board. We pray that you will join us.

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