Birth Doula

A doula is a professional trained in understanding childbirth and provides emotional, physical, and educational support to a mother who is expecting, is experiencing labor, or has recently given birth. The doula's purpose is to help women have a safe, memorable, and empowering birthing experience.

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As a husband, all you want is help and support but when there’s water on the floor and you just trying to scramble around and get things done you start to realize how unprepared you are for what is about to happen. That’s where having a doulas support is worth their weight in gold.
Knowing that there is someone who can guide you, telling you how to support your now laboring wife and to give you the ease of mind that she will tell you when something is wrong and to answer questions you might have goes a long way. Having a doula isn’t just for the wife to be heard, a doula is there to also help support the husband so he can be a present in the birth of your child. 
Garda Scheepers was our doula for both my children and I felt safe knowing she was there to support us.

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I am certain that it will be a mother that reads this testimony first but would like to encourage you to share it with the father.

For nine months us guys are benchwarmers when it comes to the pregnancy and if we are not careful we remain on the sideline throughout the birthing process. I was fortunate to be made aware of this fact in our conversations with Gerda, our doula from Tulani. It is impossible to understand what the mother of the child is experiencing and this makes it tempting to distance yourself completely and only focus on “dad things” like installing car seats, building DIY cots and calculating the cost of diapers. By doing this we risk missing out on the emotional part of a miraculous journey as well as the chance to play our much needed role of support and structure in this time.

I have always known that the first priority of a father is towards the mother but did not know what this looked like. Learning from Tulani that a successful, natural birth greatly depends on the mother feeling safe and relaxed, and being given a “toolbox” of practical things I could do to help my wife feel this way made the birth of our son as much my journey as that of my wife. There are few other persons (if any) that can make the mother feel safe and relaxed and is one of the responsibilities and privileges of being a father. Looking back I am extremely grateful that I was made aware of this and nudged toward my role as upcoming father.